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Meet The Team

My husband and I  bring 60 years of experience working in both the public and private sector.
We can help your company grow in several different ways.

  1. With a strong background as a media writer since 1994 from various magazines and newspapers and an independent writer for non-fiction books I have launched built me to have excellent skill in communication with people
  2. I also have the skill to build corporation and personal images such as being coach for beauty contest and working as Artist Manager
  3. I have experience gathering information to write personal biography books along with speaking at seminars and mentoring young women.
  4. I was affiliated with more than 50 organizations mostly about women empowerment  I was a leader for some projects in Ministry of Women Empowerment
  5. I handled the PR of my party in the presidential election
  6. I have worked with seminars, workshops, talk shows from various topics such as healthy lifestyle, how to become good writer, and others.

Ayi Putri Tjakrawedana
After 40 years in the business world, there is one thing that my experience has taught me that nothing can replace the human touch. That is what we bring to all our customers.  We are committed to providing you with the best possible customer service of the highest quality. This commitment reflects in everything we do.

I have a strong background in sales and marketing. I have taken several companies from little or no income to operating with a budget in the millions.

I have designed and implemented marketing programs. Created sales programs, taught, and managed sales team.

In the course of my life,  I have owned and operated several sucessful businesses. 

David B Honaker